Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sterilising on holiday

If you're lucky enough to be in a villa with a microwave then that's great.  Pack some microwave sterilising bags and off you go!
If, like me, you're about to spend a week in a hotel then it's worth first of all calling ahead to see if the hotel can provide a steriliser in your room.  Unfortunately my hotel, said no.  They did say that room service could do it for me but I'm not sure how much waiting around that will involve.
I am not packing an enormous steriliser so my next option is to use Milton sterilisation tablets.
I have done this before on holiday with Daisy a few years ago and basically involves you taking about 20 minutes out of your day to wash the bottles and then soak them in a sterilising solution.  You can then use the room's kettle to add your boiling water.
It's a bit of a faff but I really don't have luggage space for a huge sterilising machine!

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