Friday, 6 July 2012

What to pack in your children's holiday medical kit

Unfortunately one thing you can't factor into your holiday is getting ill.  On our travels we've had hospital visits in Koh Samui, emergency doctors in Melbourne and London and numerous late night pharmacy visits.
One thing you can plan is your medical kit.  I asked my kids' pediatrician (the lovely Dr Susanna Chow for her top tips.  She divided it as follows:

    • Thermometer
    • Pain/Fever relief and inflammation e.g. Ibuprofen
    • Pain relief e.g. Panadol
    • Antihistamine e.g. Piriton
    • Nausea relief e.g. Gravol
    • Stomach cramp relief e.g. Buscopan
    • Diarrhea rehydration salts

In addition to this, I would add band aids, nail scissors, syringes for dispensing medicine, savlon antiseptic spray and insect bite cream. I also have some Voltaren suppositories for high fever.

In any case... don't panic!  However remote your travels, there are always pharmacies and always doctors.

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