Sunday, 2 December 2012

Super kid friendly Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport

There's nothing we love more than a child friendly airport.  There are those that have it (hello Schiphol) and those that do not (Heathrow Terminal 3 I'm talking to you).

My parents recently transited through Amsterdam's Schiphol and took some pictures of the great facilities on offer.  If you want to encourage people to use your capital's airport as a hub then this is what you need to do (hello Heathrow i'm talking to you again)

Schipohol Airport has a large area called Holland Bulevard.  Apart from a casino (!) and a museum that closes at 5pm, there are some themed rest areas designed to look like a lounge. 
 There is a library with both adult and children's books and seats with video screens. 

Great kids play area

Baby Facilities
There is a large room with several curtained pods containing seating and a cot. There is also a kitchen area !!

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