Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Big Texas Roadtrip - November 2012

We try to do a 2 week US road trip annually.  Our mission to visit all 52 states and to eat at all the restaurants from the TV show, Man Vs Food!

This year it was the turn of Texas.  I have written previous posts on planning road trips and I promise you, with careful preparation, you & the kids will have a great time.

Our route took us:

Hong Kong - Los Angeles - Fort Worth - Dallas - Austin - Lost Pines - San Antonio - Houston - Los Angeles - Hong Kong

I'll share my thoughts on each of these cities in separate posts but this truly was a road trip to remember.  Certainly for all the Texan BBQ we managed to eat!

Here are some top tips:

  • Don't be spontaneous.  Plan your trips well e.g. book hotels and advise on crib/rollaway requirements
  • Get a Sat Nav in your hire car
  • Check when attractions are open.  We drove 30 minutes to Sea World San Antonio, only to find out it was closed
  • If you can, book suites in hotels.  You can get reasonably priced 1 bed suites in the cheaper hotel chains.  It is nice to put the kids to bed and then relax in your own room.
  • For jetlag, get your kids on local time asap
  • Try to pack light.  If you are on the move every few days you will be bringing suitcases in & out of your hotel on a regular basis
  • Don't move too quickly.  Stay 2-3 nights per destination to allow yourself some relaxation time
  • Limit car journeys to under 5 hours
  • Get a car with an inbuilt DVD player or bring your own
  • Buy/borrow a decent stroller (double if you have 2 or more).  We borrowed this fantastic Graco stroller from a neighbour which carried my toddler and baby comfortably

Hiring a Car

Check your visa requirements

Flight Reviews

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