Monday, 2 January 2012

Coping with jetlag

Jetlag is no fun for anyone.  I've actually found that my toddler seems to be much better at handling it than I am!  On our last few visits back and forth to the US and UK she's adapted within the first few days.  My tips on this are:

  • Let them do whatever they want to do on the flight, there's no point trying to force sleep on a toddler. After a few hours of tv and plane food she's normally well on her way to sleep in a darkened cabin
  • As soon as you get to your destination, immediately stick them on local time.  
  • If I arrive early in the morning, I would still let my toddler have a lunchtime nap but wake her after 2 hours and put her to bed closer to 8-9pm
  • My dad swears by sunlight to help reset your body clock so get outside and have a walk in the fresh air
  • Just before bed try some calpol/antihistamine/any drug that may send them off to sleep easier...

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