Friday, 20 January 2012

Flight Review: Cathay HK to Bangkok

We've just come back from a fantastic villa trip with a group of families to Koh Samui.  More on that later as I thoroughly recommend the villa company we used.

Unfortunately as it was Chinese New Year, I couldn't get us on to the direct Bangkok Airways flights so we flew via Bangkok.

As the flight was 9am, we decided to use the In Town check in the day before so that we could leave a little later the next morning.  Thank goodness we did this as a few hours later my other half developed gastro and was pretty much useless for the next 24 hours.

The plane was one of Cathay's ageing 777s so although it was a bit ropey looking, the seats by the bulkhead were generous.  It was also nice to be sat in a 3 by the window.  Even better was the fact that by total coincidence friends of ours with their children were sat directly behind us.

The skycot was pretty big so the baby was happy and Daisy and her friend played happily for 2 hours underneath the skycot.  As always, the Cathay staff were friendly and helpful.  Cathay will always provide a nappy pack including nappy, nappy sack, Mustela cream and a kids pack.  We were able to take the buggy straight to the plane and then it was waiting for us as we got off at Bangkok.

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